Welcome to Environmental Restoration Well Installation for Mid valley Primer with Flash Tube Six Inch Common HE 052512 Debris Pits (7) (2) Area B and Molasses Injection Area B and Molasses 2 Area B and Molasses Injection Area D Wall Installation Former DRMO Yard Demolition Operations 12Sep2009 Demo Shot Setup #3 ICM Demo ICM Team for Remote Pulls of Suspect ICMs ICMs at Former DRMO Yard MD Found at Former DRMO Yard Munitions Debris Old Picture of DRMO Yard Former DRMO Yard 1930 Proposed Soil Excavation Between Bldg 810 and Picatinny Lake Site Remediation Bldg 171 Remedial Action Remedial Action at PICA 067 Remediation Complete at Former DRMO Yard Remedial Action at Green Pond Brook