Desktop & System Support

Desktop & System Support

The Desktop and Server Support (DSS) Division provides services to the Picatinny workforce in five areas. They are desktop configuration and trouble shooting, server management, telephonic help desk support, Web and Database services, and Video Teleconferencing scheduling.

The Desktop & Server Support Division is divided into these branches:

Customer Service Branch(CSV): This is the NEC’s front line support for our customers. CSV employees provide desktop installation & troubleshooting, and direct service requests from our customers to all other divisions and branches in the NEC.

Server Management Branch (SMB): SMB personnel provide system administration support for all NEC managed servers located in the Picatinny NEC data center. They also provide e-mail & Blackberry support as well as management support for accounts in the North America East (NAE) domain of the Army’s Active Directory (AD) Forest.

Web & Data Services (WDS) Team: This group provides specialized services for web hosting, web site design and database support in both Microsoft SQL and Oracle. They can help resolve most technical issues when users experience problems, but are not generally responsible for the content of most web sites.

Configuration Management Branch (CMB): CMB personnel are responsible for developing the basic software builds for Windows-based desktops and laptops at Picatinny. They also provide images used in the deployment of Windows Server 2008. Desktops and laptops are deployed to customers by the Customer Service Branch using CMB builds. CMB personnel also deploy Army-approved patches to all desktops and laptops.

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