Business & Plans

Business & Plans

The NEC Business & Plans division provides infrastructure planning and service support to enhance and enable the delivery of Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Information Management (C4IM) services to Picatinny Arsenal. In carrying out its mission, the division consists of the following three (3) branch organizations: (1) Plans, Architecture and Service Operations Branch, (2) Business Management Branch, and (3) Logistics Management Branch.

Plans, Architecture and Service Operations Branch:

Exercises project management ownership and control to provide Picatinny Arsenal customers with new capabilities and services in the areas of Information Technology (IT) and Information Management. Integrates C4IM services with business needs through the establishment of service-level agreements. Implements reimbursable cost-models for all mission funded services that are above the C4IM baseline. Provides long-range planning within the NEC to include the development and design of a Service Continuity of Operations Plans (COOP); implements COOP for all critical portions of the IT infrastructure. Performs reviews of all initiatives created in the IT Investment Portfolio System. Applies configuration management disciplines to formally document, control, coordinate, and communicate changes to the installation’s IT Infrastructure.

Business Management Branch:

Provides IT business and financial services and support to Picatinny Arsenal customers. Oversees and assists in preparing the NEC’s budget by providing information for all major mission areas and support requirements, including labor, awards, overtime, training, travel, equipment, supplies and materials, maintenance, and services. Coordinates billing and payment of all mission funded agreements with the NEC’s customers and tenants. Monitors multi-year, million-dollar contracts in support of staff activities for the NEC and installation as a whole. Provides credit card holder services within delegated guidelines for the procurement of IT equipment and maintenance contracts, furniture and office supplies. Provides Human Resources and training support to the NEC’s Government civilian workforce.

Logistical Management Branch:

Manages the logistics and security for the NEC to include supply, property accountability, building management, physical security, and warehouse management. Ensures all NEC facilities meet health, safety, and physical security requirements. Reviews all work orders and service requests for the NEC facilities and coordinates approval for funding, as required. Plans and directs the supply management program in support of the operation of the organization in obtaining a variety of expendable and nonexpendable items and materials through central supply channels, direct purchase, and formal procurement processes.

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