PICATINNY ARSENAL, NJ--Outgoing Product Manager Guided Precision Munitions and Mortar Systems (GP-M2S), Lt. Col. William McDonough; Project Manager Combat Ammunition Systems, Col. Willie Coleman; and incoming Product Manager GPM2S, Lt. Col. Anthony Gibbs, salute during the Product Manager GP-M2S Change of Management Ceremony July 8. The Product Manager GP-M2S is the life-cycle manager responsible for guided munition improvements for cannon-launched weapons, mortar weapons and mortar fire-control systems.

McDonough became the Product Manager GP-M2S in 2012. During the last three years, the program achieved many milestones including fielding the Precision Guidance Kit to troops, equipping the first unit with the new lightweight 81 mm Battalion Mortar System and delivering of more than 1,350 mortar systems to U.S. allies.