Adam Lichtenberg-Scanlan, a general engineer assigned to PEO Ammunition’s Project Manager for Combat Ammunition Systems (PM CAS), is the team leader for the Enhanced Lethality Cannon Munitions (ELCM) technology and rapid prototyping program.   Lichtenberg-Scanlan recently planned, coordinated and led a widely-attended industry day in conjunction with the U.S. National Armaments Consortium, which communicated the Army position on ELCM and the replacement of the pending policy-driven loss of critical Cannon Cluster Munition capabilities. 

The ELCM and Cannon Cluster Munitions replacement has focused senior leadership across the service up to the O-10 and Political Appointee level. Mr. Lichtenberg-Scanlan led PM CAS's efforts to obtain Army and Marine Corps stakeholder agreement on target sets to solicit proposals for competitive prototyping munition test articles obtained via Defense Ordinance Technology Consortium annual plan. Those test articles will be evaluated in a live-fire environment to support a planned Milestone B decision in early FY19.