PICATINNY ARSENAL, NJ--Peter DeMasi, deputy project manager for the Excalibur program, has been pretty busy recently. Under his leadership, the program executed 36 contract actions valued at $66 million, delivered more than 2,600 Excalibur projectiles to inventory valued at $250 million and increased the Excalibur increment IB projectile reliability by six percent.

First fielded in 2007, Excalibur is the Army's GPS-guided, precision 155 mm artillery projectile. It couples GPS technology with an inertial measurement unit to provide accurate, first-round fire-for-effect capability in an urban setting.

The team also executed the Excalibur increment IB first article test and an initial operational test and evaluation that resulted in the program achieving type classification standard, foreign materiel release and initial operational capability (IOC). Those milestones enabled the program to achieve a successful full-rate production decision from the Army Acquisition Executive.

His efforts also resulted in the execution of program requirements in accordance with cost, schedule, and performance parameters, exceeding objective acquisition program baseline schedule requirements for IOC and full rate production decisions for increment IB while reducing program average procurement unit cost by two percent in an 18-month period.