Col. Hector Gonzalez assumed responsibility for Project Manager Maneuver Ammunition Systems from Col. Moises Gutierrez during a ceremony on July 26. Jim Shields, Program Executive Officer Ammunition, officiated the ceremony.

PM MAS is a subordinate organization of PEO Ammunition. Since 2014, Gutierrez oversaw management of direct-fire munitions ranging in size from pistol ammo to 5.56 mm bullets to 120 mm tank rounds. In total, he oversaw the delivery of more than 316 separate standard munitions to both the U.S. and coalition partners, as well as the production and delivery of about 400 non-standard munitions and weapon systems.

Largely due to Gutierrez’s efforts, Soldiers will also soon receive new capabilities that will enable them to maintain their battlefield dominance for decades to come, said Shields.

“He achieved Milestone C and low-rate production of the M829A4 kinetic energy tank round, which is the most advanced and lethal anti-tank round in the world,” said Shields

“In addition he also oversaw the down-select and subsequent Phase 2 award of the engineering, manufacturing and development contract for the 120mm Advanced Multi-Purpose Cartridge, otherwise known as AMP,” Shields added. “AMP will combine the effects of four rounds into one, significantly improving battlefield logistics and reducing lifecycle costs. AMP is also a great example of the terrific partnering between industry and the U.S. government.”

Shields also praised Gutierrez for the production approval of two new training grenades for the 40 mm grenade family, which will allow Soldiers and units to train like they fight, improving their readiness and doing it more safely than ever before.

Gutierrez's next assignment is the Chief, Capabilities and Acquisition Division, The Joint Staff, Washington, D.C.

Shields also welcomed Col. Hector Gonzalez to PEO Ammunition.

“Hector is joining us following his most recent assignment as the Commander of the U.S. Army Research, Development, and Engineering Command - Americas in Santiago, Chile. Hector is coming into our organization with a wealth of knowledge and acquisition experience," he said. 

Gonzalez has a diverse background that includes program manager of the Special Operations Silent Knight Radar team, to selection for the Army Astronaut Program.