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'Latest graduates achieve specialized education in armament engineering' onerror=' =
Friday, October 5, 2018 Three employees of the U.S. Army Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center were presented Master of Armament Engineering certificates during the fourth commencement ceremony for the Armament Graduate School at Picatinny Arsenal.
'Picatinny provides advanced system for efficient fires for field artillery' onerror=' =
Wednesday, September 26, 2018 To meet the challenges facing the Army’s field artillery community, engineers at Picatinny Arsenal have developed a light-weight, man-portable field artillery survey system that enables accurate, efficient fires and maneuvers in GPS degraded or denied environments.
'With new Army Futures Command, senior acquisition leader discusses role of Program Executive Offices' onerror=' =
Thursday, September 20, 2018 The future of acquisition will be faster and more efficient, according to the top military officer for the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics and Technology, or ASA (ALT).
'Need confidential support? Employee Assistance Program can help' onerror=' =
Tuesday, September 18, 2018 The purpose of the Army Employee Assistance Program is to help employees to identify and resolve personal problems that may affect their job performance or personal well-being.
'Upgraded jail surveillance system improves monitoring at Picatinny PD' onerror=' =
Monday, September 17, 2018 The Picatinny Arsenal Police Department recently received an upgrade that will improve security camera monitoring, which will enhance the safety of prisoners, officers, and members of the staff.
'Command Sgt. Maj. Royal retires, Picatinny welcomes Command Sgt. Maj. Ford' onerror=' =
Friday, September 14, 2018 The 31-year career of Command Sgt. Maj. Sheila Royal came to a close during a change of responsibility ceremony here on Sept. 5.
'Picatinny Arsenal remembers September 11' onerror=' =
Tuesday, September 11, 2018 A 21-gun salute with three howitzers was part of a wreath ceremony here on Sept. 11 in remembrance of the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks on the United States.
'Picatinny Arsenal employees celebrate Women's Equality Day' onerror=' =
Wednesday, August 29, 2018 Picatinny Arsenal employees celebrated Women's Equality Day, August 27. Women's Equality Day is celebrated in the United States on August 26 to commemorate the 1920 adoption of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.
'PEO Ammo says farewell to leader, welcomes new colonel' onerror=' =
Monday, August 27, 2018 The Project Director Joint Services welcomed a new leader during a change of management ceremony Aug. 6. The organization said good-bye to Col. Joseph Chan, as Col. Justin Highley took command of the organization.
'From a patent to a published paper, STEM Scholars get top engineering experience' onerror=' =
Thursday, August 23, 2018 Summer scholars at Picatinny Arsenal concluded their internships with real-life engineering experience and accomplishments under their belts, all while supporting our nation’s military.
'Family of Picatinny Arsenal contractor part of Triple Crown history' onerror=' =
Tuesday, August 21, 2018 When "Justify" won the Triple Crown, renewed interest in Triple Crown history put the spotlight on legendary Hall of Fame horse trainer, James “Sunny Jim” Fitzsimmons, the first person to train two Triple Crown winners. His grandson, Fred "Fitz" Fitzsimmons, is a contractor at Picatinny Arsenal.
'Bohannon joins Project Manager Soldier Weapons as Product Manager Crew Served Weapons' onerror=' =
Thursday, August 16, 2018 The team at Project Manager Soldier Weapons said goodbye to Lt. Col. Loyd Beal III, for the past two years its Product Manager Crew Served Weapons, during a mid-morning ceremony on July 30 at its headquarters at Picatinny Arsenal.
'Fort Benning
Tuesday, July 17, 2018 Picatinny Arsenal employees have developed an innovative device to make mortar training more efficient after attending a recent Phase 4 "greening" course at the Maneuver Center of Excellence (MCOE) at Fort Benning, Georgia.
'Carmine Spinelli, former ARDEC technical director, dies at 82' onerror=' =
Friday, July 13, 2018 Carmine Spinelli, a former technical director for the U.S. Army Armament Research, Development, and Engineering Center (ARDEC), passed away on June 23 at 82 years of age.
'Ann Suzette Burnett named eCYBERMISSION Ambassador of the Year' onerror=' =
Friday, July 13, 2018 Ann Suzette Burnett, an employee of the U.S. Army Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center, was recognized as the eCYBERMISSION Ambassador of the Year at an awards luncheon in Reston, Virginia, on June 22.
'Army modernization advances with early team collaboration' onerror=' =
Thursday, June 21, 2018 Two organizations at Picatinny Arsenal are playing a role in advancing Army modernization through the Cross Functional Team for Long Range Precision Fires: the Program Executive Office Ammunition, and the Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center.
'Picatinny welcomes new garrison commander, Lt. Col. Samuel W. Morgan III' onerror=' =
Friday, June 15, 2018 Lt. Col. Samuel W. Morgan III was welcomed to the Picatinny family during a ceremony held on the same day as the U.S. Army’s 243rd birthday.
'Final thoughts: Exit interview with Lt. Col. Jeffrey Ivey' onerror=' =
Thursday, June 14, 2018 Lt. Col. Jeffrey Ivey assumed the position of Picatinny Arsenal garrison commander on June 14, 2016. On June 14, 2018, Ivey relinquished his command to Lt. Col. Samuel Morgan.
'Innovation resources are available at ARDEC' onerror=' =
Friday, June 1, 2018 If ARDEC is the international hub for the advancement of armament technologies, then our Innovation Office is the collaborative robots (or "co-bots") that help to bridge technology gaps that allow us to work more effectively as a team.
'American Legion Post 344 honors New Jersey's fallen' onerror=' =
Friday, May 25, 2018 In honor of the Memorial Day holiday, the American Legion Post 344 of Rockaway Township properly disposed of and replaced tattered flags on May 23 at the foot of each of the 174 memorial trees located here.
'Picatinny seeks agreements with communities for mutual benefit' onerror=' =
Tuesday, May 22, 2018 Picatinny Arsenal leaders recently hosted community leaders from multiple municipalities and jurisdictions surrounding the installation.
'Picatinny STEM robotics student gets full scholarship to Princeton' onerror=' =
Tuesday, May 15, 2018 A student at East Orange STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Academy, and a former member of a Picatinny-sponsored FIRST robotics team, was recently accepted to Princeton University with not one, but two full scholarships.
'Picatinny 'History Detectives' discover answer to museum's mystery item' onerror=' =
Thursday, May 10, 2018 For nearly two decades, the item had served as a doorstop at the home of a New Jersey resident. When he decided to move, the resident took the item to a New Jersey museum, which then reached out to the historian at Picatinny Arsenal for help in identifying the "mystery item."
'Welcome to the force' onerror=' =
Friday, April 27, 2018 Lt. Col. Jeffrey Ivey, Picatinny Arsenal garrison commander, administers the law enforcement oath of honor as he swears in three new officers to the Picatinny Arsenal Police Department, April 19.
'Picatinny plays key role in  Army modernization initiative' onerror=' =
Thursday, April 19, 2018 The ongoing modernization initiative within the Army represents an exciting time for the workforce at Picatinny Arsenal, which is making multiple contributions as the new U.S. Army Futures Command takes shape, ARDEC Director John F. Hedderich told a town hall audience.