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In support of the Army's role in military transformation to lighter, more lethal systems, ARDEC and its Picatinny based customers are preeminent providers of life-cycle lethality research, technology development, engineering and sustainment throughout this transformation period. From day one, ARDEC has looked ahead to the future, researching and developing armament and weapon systems for a changing Army. We are involved with two of the major systems in the Army's Transformation plan, Soldier System and Future Combat Systems (FCS). We are responsible for the lethality of both systems and are also pursuing advanced work to protect the FCS (i.e., Stealth Fog to make the FCS invisible to radar). Additionally, we are involved in R&D for "leap ahead" transformational technologies such as nano-technology, advanced sensors, high-power microwaves, high-energy lasers, etc.

Our presence is evident in the near-term Interim Force developments and fieldings that are helping the Army achieve a more deployable combat vehicle force. Armaments like the 105mm main gun for the Mobile Gun Systems and the 120mm mortar system and its current munitions are just a few of Picatinny's commodities that form part of the Interim Force, the US Army's first major step in the transformation process.

Meanwhile, we are solely responsible for the technical oversight of all Legacy Force armament systems (small, medium and large caliber) during the transformation period. Though the Army is transforming, they will continue to need technical capability and support for the Legacy Force through completion of the Objective Force (10-20 years). In that respect, ARDEC is responsible for follow up on any incident in the field or in production and is involved in disarmament both on the homeland and abroad.