Inert Storage
Building 1508 was built in 1952 as a boiler house for Building 1505. It was first sited to the east of 1505 and towards Bldg 1501. It was much larger at this time measuring approx. 16' 7 1/4" x 8'0". It also once had roof ventilation from a small metal stack. In 1963, Bldg 1529 was built in its place for storage, while it was relocated near 1505E and reserviced for Class 9 inert storage. It is believed that at this time, the structure was altered to its concluding dimensions. Finally, in 1967, 1508 was relocated adjacent to 1502 and 1503 for a Class 7 powder storage. Building Information
Year Built     1952
Fabric           Concrete floor
                     and foundation,
                     transite walls,
                     and rolled
                     transite roof
Size               8' x 8' 2"
Alterations Relocated 1964 and 1967
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Additional Photographs

circa 1980s view, facing south


Front view, facing southeast


Rear view, facing north-northwest towards Bldgs 1502 and 1503


Interior view with collapsed roof

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