Components Workshop
Building number 620c

Also known as testing facility D-5, the 1953 Components Workshop was divided into non-hazardous and hazardous areas. The reinforced-concrete-walled hazardous portion was on the building's west side, in an L configuration. A 12' by 27' gas flow room spanned the width of the building, and a 14' by 7'6" high-pressure tank room lay perpendicular to it on the south side of the building. Tests of high-pressure inert gas equipment, ignition delay, and gas generator performance were conducted in this part of the building. The remaining non-hazardous section of the building, of concrete block construction, contained a large assembly-disassembly area, an office, and a storage room. This section was used for testing rocket engine components, and had a flow test system that delivered water at pressures up to 1200 psi and flow rates up to 500 gpm. A centrally located instrument and control area served the entire building. As of circa 1959, instruments typically in use the building included six high-speed potentiometer chart recorders, and oscillographs and other recorders were installed as needed.

There were no windows in the hazardous side of the building, but two sets of double doors on the south façade provided access to the gas flow room and the tank room. The non-hazardous side of the building had large windows on the north, south, and east sides, and on the north façade there was a doorway and a bay with an overhead roll-up steel door. The westernmost double door on the south side of the building as well as the roll-up door on the north side were later replaced with aluminum roll-up doors. Sometime before circa 1960, an extension consisting of two concrete-block shed structures was added to the south side of the building at the east end. The function of this extension is not known. It was in place by the time of publication of the "All About NARTS" brochure (circa 1959). A 1969 building list mentions "X-3612" as a barricade on the south side of Building 3612, and it is possible this actually refers to the extension, though "X" typically designated open storage. See NARTS ca. 1959, Nolte and Steinback 2004.

Building Information

Year Built



Concrete foundation and slab floor, reinforced concrete and concrete block walls, bituminous built-up roof


1 story, 70' x 30'


30’ x 12’ shed extension in 1960s

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  • Building No. 3612
  • Building No. 3612
  • Building No. 3612
  • Building No. 3612
  • Building No. 3612
  • Building No. 3612

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