Root Storage Building/Greenhouse
Building number 111

Building 111 was built as fruit and vegetable storage vault associated with the Commanding General's Quarters (Building 112) in 1909. It may have been a reconstruction of a much earlier root cellar, however, dating to time of Picatinny's founding in 1880. The building was rehabilitated in 1928 as part of the general post-explosion rebuilding effort, and additional work was done by the WPA in 1938. Concrete steps lead down into the semi-subterranean interior. The building is square, with an enclosed wooden entry on the west side, facing the Commanding General's Quarters across the green. The old apple press used to make cider is still present inside the building.

Building Information

Year Built



Concrete foundation; masonry bearing walls; composition shingle roof


One-story, 19’ x 19’


Addition of power, illumination, and water in 1951

Additional Building Photographs

Building No 111Building No 111

Remnant of the old apple orchard adjacent to Building 111 - trees still standing in 2011.

building No. 111
building No. 111building No. 111

1938 photograph showing a corner of the apple orchard, with Building 117 in background (WPA 1938).

Building 111 Plan (click on the image for a separate close-up view)

  • Building 111 Plan