Flammable Material Storage
Building Number 1512a

Building 1512 A was a flammable materials storage structure built in 1958. It was a small square building with a central doorway and a louvered vent on one side, which once stood at the rear of Building 1512 near the south corner. When the extension was built on the south side of Building 1512 in 1964, Building 1512A had to be moved, and was placed between Buildings 1512 and 1513, with its door oriented to Building 1512. As was typical at Picatinny, flammable or explosive materials were stored separately from the laboratories where they were used for experiments.

Building Information

Year Built



Concrete foundation, transite walls, corrugated metal roof.


6' x 6'


Relocated 1964

Additional Building Photographs

Building No. 1512a
Building No. 1512b