Lunch Room/Change House
Building number 620c

This small structure is atypical for Test Area D. It is clad with asbestos shingles and has a side gable roof covered with sheet metal. The Army accessioned the building in 1960, but a plan drawing indicates it was moved to its latest recorded location at Test Area D in 1971, with a new foundation and slab poured at that time. It is a simple rectangle, with three bays. The south façade has a door and 2 windows, and the north façade has 3 windows. It is possible this building was kit-built.

Building Information

Year Built



Concrete foundation, tile floor over slab, cement walls with asbestos siding, wood and metal roof


1 story, 24’ x 12’


Moved to recorded location in 1971

Additional Building Photographs

  • Building No. 3613
  • Building No. 3613

Drawing (click on the image for a separate close-up view)

  • Building 3613 plan