Environmental Conditioning Pad
Building number 620c

The NARTS Area D Temperature Conditioning Pad was originally a concrete pad with a roof supported by lally columns (construction date unknown, but prior to 1955). It was enclosed in 1959 with corrugated aluminum siding, and at that time was called the Environmental Conditioning Pad. The facility included a hot box, a cold box and an ambient temperature box for conditioning test items – typically Jato units, igniters, starter cartridges, etc. – prior to test firing. The enclosure had a roll-up overhead door and loading platform on the south side; an exterior door, ventilation panel, and removable siding panels on the west side; and two aluminum-sash windows, a louvered ventilation panel, and an exterior door on the north side (note that the drawing has this side labeled incorrectly as the "south elevation"). A barricade stood just to the west of the building. Plans drawn up in 1955 called for a sand-filled frame barricade to be built around the north and east sides, but it is not clear that this was accomplished.

Building Information

Year Built

circa 1950


Concrete slab, corrugated aluminum siding, “galbestos” roof


1 story, 51’ x 17’


Enclosed 1959

Additional Building Photographs

  • Building No. 3616
  • Building No. 3616

Drawing (click on the image for a separate close-up view)

  • Building 3616 plan