The Army's Home in Northern NJ

  Mission Statement
To enhance the morale and well-being of Picatinny Community by providing supplemental funding to activities at Picatinny Arsenal
Vision Statement
The Civilian Welfare Council (CWC) mitigates funding voids to provide activities to the Picatinny workforce that would otherwise go unfunded. The CWC interacts with multiple stakeholders on an individual and organizational level in a fun and social environment to engage new people, create awareness, promote and publicize complimentary programs & events that meet the evolving needs of the community while maintaining oversight and control of the funding used to support these activities.







CWFC Overview

Governing regulation AR 215-7.


New council membership established April 2010.


The CWFC is made up of a cross representation of Picatinny personnel.  Members meet monthly to evaluate funding requests and allocate Post Restaurant Funds into the Picatinny community, these funds support a variety of activities, such as:


     NJ Fallen Service Tree Memorial                FMWR Leisure Travel (books)   

     ARDEC Teams Tournaments                     Group Activities (Rod & Gun, ACS, Forge)

     Intramural Sports (Army 10 miler, Pacers)  Social Activities (Picnics, Cannon Gates, Choices)


Council membership is also a great opportunity for representative to gain leadership exposure which could be beneficial to their career development.


Supervisors authorize members the time to support the functions of the Council on a volunteer basis.


Member Qualifications:

Civilian workforce employee

Contract experience beneficial but not required

Picatinny activities involvement beneficial but not required

The Annual Blood Testing is no longer offered by the CWFC