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PEO Monthly Update – April 2015

ARDEC and the National Armaments Consortium hosted the Area Denial (AD) Capability Development Industry Day in Parsippany, NJ. The event was attended by various key defense stakeholders and 30 industry partners. The Industry Day informed attendees of the Dominating Mobility Through Terrain Shaping and Engagement Initial Capabilities Document and the planned path forward. The formal request for industry white papers was issued on 18 Mar 15 with responses due by 22 April 15.

The first Industry Day for Scranton Army Ammunition Plant property management and large caliber artillery and metal parts production competition was held with attendance and participation from several commercial companies. During the industry day, the USG presented the draft strategy to compete a 15-year, no-direct cost, facility contract with an accompanying 10-year fixed price supply contract for large caliber artillery and mortar metal projectile body production. An RFP is anticipated for release in Aug 15 with a second industry day scheduled in Sep 15.

Excalibur Precision Guided Munition- Product Manager Excalibur, executed and passed the first ever live-fire Ammunition Stockpile Reliability Program (ASRP) for the Excalibur Increment IA-1. Tactical projectiles were subjected to logistical and tactical vibration and extreme operating temperatures (-25F to 145F). All rounds fired from the M109A6 Paladin guided to their target and functioned in the proper fuze mode. In addition, the Army awarded an Excalibur Increment Ib Full Rate Production option to Raytheon Missile Systems valued at $14.8M for a quantity of 209 projectiles.

Pine Bluff Arsenal completed successful First Article Testing (FAT) on the M83 Terepthalic Acid (TA) Smoke Grenade program. FAT samples were tested at hot, ambient, and cold temperatures in groups of 32 each. All 96 M83 TA Smoke Grenades performed as required with excellent burn times.


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