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PEO Ammo Update

The USG completed Ballistic First Article Testing (FAT) of the MK437 MOD 0, Multi-Option Fuze, Navy (MOFN) with passing results. On 20 July, the Contracting Officer authorized Orbital ATK, the fuze prime contractor, to begin production. The MOFN is a component of the MK186 5-Inch/54-Caliber High Explosive projectile, a Navy Gun Ammunition program managed by Project Director Joint Products in support of the Naval Sea Systems Command.

Representatives from PM CCS participated in the Area Denial Capability Development (ADCD) Industry Working Group hosted by ARDEC. The purpose of the Industry Working Group was to provide industry partners, who submitted white papers to the ADCD requirements in the Defense Ordinance Technology Consortium (DOTC) Annual Plan, with detailed information to help them prepare proposals for a deep terrain shaping Family of Scatterable Mines replacement. Representatives from ARDEC, PM CCS, and the MSCoE briefed 30 industry representatives from 13 companies on the technology strategy, acquisition path forward, operational need, functional analysis of the ICD, and expectations for the proposal and Statement of Work. ADCD will provide capabilities to shape and deny terrain to enemy mounted and dismounted forces, providing a Man-In-The-Loop, Ottawa Treaty compliant, networked sensor munition. The first increment is focused on a deep delivered, Beyond-Line-of-Site capability for tactical and Theater-level missions.

The M829E4, 120mm, Abrams Tank Round program completed the second phase of Live-Fire lethality testing at Aberdeen Proving Ground. Seven out of seven cartridges were fired successfully completing the requirements for M829E4 live-fire lethality testing. The M829E4 program is on track to meet Type Classification requirements and a Full Rate Production decision.

The M829E4 Tank round First Article Acceptance Test (FAAT)/Verification testing is now complete. The test series consisted of FAAT and Verification cartridges split among a variety of tests such as Accuracy, Strength of Design, Lifecycle, and Live-Fire demonstration. The cartridge reliability for this test satisfied the 98% KSA reliability threshold and 99% reliability objective.

Representatives from BAE Systems (Ordnance System Incorporated) and the Army were presented the "Munitions Safety Award for Technical Achievement" for IMX-104 explosive technology for the Army's 81mm mortar munitions. The award was presented by the Munitions Safety Information Analysis Center, which is sponsored by NATO as part of the 2015 Insensitive Munitions and Energetics Materials Technical Symposium held in Rome, Italy. Provided by BAE, PEO Ammo, PM CAS.

Two five-year IDIQ contracts for Conventional Ammunition Demilitarization with simultaneous base and minimum guaranteed quantities were awarded to General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems (GD-OTS)and Expal USA. These contracts will allow for 155mm Family of Scatterable Mines (FASCAM) Self-Destruct Mines Cluster Bomb Units demilitarization and disposal, which includes Navy Gator Mine Systems; Volcano Mine Dispensers; loose mines; 155mm Dual-Purpose Improved Conventional Munitions; 105mm and 120mm Depleted Uranium rounds; 25mm, 30mm, and 40mm Cartridges.


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