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An old adage about what the command “to secure the building” means to each military service goes like this: The Navy would turn out the lights and lock the doors.
Adam Lichtenberg-Scanlan, a general engineer assigned to PEO Ammunition’s Project Manager for Combat Ammunition Systems (PM CAS), is the team leader for the Enhanced Lethality Cannon Munitions (ELCM) technology and rapid prototyping program.
Quality Assurance Specialist Bonnie Lou Carr, assigned to the Project Manager for Towed Artillery Systems (PM TAS) within PEO Ammunition, has been heading up the on-ground efforts in support of composite fielding of the M777A2 and M119A3 howitzers to...
The Army is developing a new 155 mm artillery round that will extend cannon range to more than 24 miles (40km), with the added benefits of greater safety for service members and the ability to deliver near-precision strike capability.


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