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New Jersey Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno received a briefing and a tour of Picatinny Arsenal yesterday as part of a New Jersey Military Installation Growth and Development Task Force objective over the next few months to tour New Jersey military institutions...
The display recently erected in front of building 1 commemorates Picatinny's designation as the Department of Defense's Joint Center of Excellence for Guns Ammunition.
Lt. Col. Philip Clark, outgoing Product Manager Small Caliber Ammunition; Col. Paul Hill, Project Manager Maneuver Ammunition Systems; and Lt. Col. John "Todd" Masternak, incoming Product Manager Small Caliber Ammunition, salute the America...
A famed running back in the National Football League once said all he needed was "12 inches of daylight" to bolt ahead and churn out the yardage for the offense.
Against the backdrop of two howitzers, a contract is signed for the management of John "Bud" Neumann Artillery Integration Facility at Picatinny Arsenal, N.J., which is used for integration and developmental activities for the M119A3 and M7...
Picatinny engineers have devised improvements to the packaging of 60 mm smoke and illumination mortars that will save the Army money and allow Soldiers quicker access to the rounds during firefights.
For more than two decades, employees from all walks of life have been bringing their children into the workplace for a very special day of recognition known as "Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work" or "Bring Your Child to Work Day.&quo...
In Afghanistan, summer temperatures soar to 120 degrees and winter temperatures dip into the teens. Mix in some blinding sandstorms and one can appreciate the importance of adequate military shelter not only for Soldiers, but also for military workin...
On April 3, the Excalibur Program completed assembly of the last Increment Ia-2 projectile and transitioned to Increment Ib production.
SummaryPicatinny chemist Anthony Shaw has worked with pyrotechnics since October 2010, but his recent paper on smoke grenades only recently earned him the 2014 Dr. Bernard E. Douda Young Scientist Award.


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