PICATINNY ARSENAL, N.J. -- A Picatinny Arsenal employee who has returned from a deployment to Afghanistan is in the process of supplying collection boxes to buildings and organizations as part of an on-going campaign called “Supplies for Soldiers.”

“Our Soldiers are very proud and ask for nothing,” said Nancy Ardis-Wolfe, Program Support Specialist, Close Combat Systems, who returned from Kandahar, Afghanistan, in Dec. 30, 2015, after a nearly six-month deployment.

“The military Post Exchange has little supplies and that supply dwindles down to nothing,” she added.  To fill the need, Ardi-Wolfes has set up collection points on Picatinny, collecting toiletries and snack foods for those deployed in Kandahar.

Ardis-Wolfe said that besides non-perishable snack foods, Soldiers require the following items: soap, body wash, shampoo, deodorant.

Each collection box has a suggested list for both snack food and toiletries.

Donors are encouraged to leave a note to the recipients in the boxes as well.

When Ardis-Wolfe was deployed, her family, friends and two non-profit organizations collected  nearly 45 boxes of supplies supporting more than 1,450 Soldiers for nearly three months. 

“The grateful appreciation I received when I delivered boxes of necessities and snacks were unbelievable, and their gratitude was so heartfelt and heartwarming knowing that there are people in this world, that appreciate and recognize their sacrifice,” she said.

“I spend most of my off time either sorting boxes, repacking boxes, preparing bags or delivering them to all coalitions,” said Ardis-Wolfe.  

“This has been an amazing mission, journey and adventure. And all the thanks goes to my husband, Mark, who has been so supportive and picked up all the slack at home and paid the credit card bills from Amazon with no questions asked so I could fulfill my dreams,” she added.

The supplies for the “care bags” came from her Picatinny organization, Program Manager, Close Combat Systems.

The organization is part of the Program Executive Office for Ammunition.

If your organization is interested in participating in the Supplies for Soldiers campaign, please contact Ardis-Wolfe at 937-724-2288 or nancy.j.ardis-wolfe.civ@mail.mil.