Col. Willie Coleman relinquished responsibility of the Project Manager Combat Ammunition Systems organization to Col. Will McDonough during a change of management ceremony at Picatinny Arsenal July 20.

James Shields, the Program Executive Officer Ammunition, officiated the ceremony. PM CAS is an organization within PEO Ammunition.

“Willie has been overseeing the army’s artillery munitions and mortar systems since joining the PEO Ammo family in 2013,” Shields said.

“During his tenure at PM CAS, he has been instrumental in developing strategies and executing programs to counter, and stay ahead of, a constantly evolving threat that has become more and more technologically advanced,” he continued.

Some of Coleman and his PM CAS team’s achievements include:

-Leading the Precision Guidance Kit, or PGK, team through achieving four milestones. PGK is a fuze that uses GPS signals and steerable canards that allow troops to turn their conventional 155mm artillery rounds into "smart" munitions with near- precision accuracy. 

-Initiating the PGK modernization program, which will deliver a next generation PGK.

- Executing multiple initiatives to upgrade mortar systems and precision-munition capabilities within the Army with systems like the Lightweight Handheld Mortar Ballistic Computer, and a next-generation precision mortar called the High Explosive Guided Mortar, or HEGM program.

- Fielding more than 2,000 mortar weapon and fire control systems valued at over $125 million. 
 Shields also praised Coleman for his leadership of his staff.

“I believe that it’s vitally important for the Army to continue growing our future workforce, and Willie has helped me do exactly that by being an exceptional leader and mentor to the 156 acquisition professionals in his charge,” he said.

Coleman’s next assignment is with the Deputy for Acquisition and Systems Management office within the Assistant Secretary of the Army of Acquisition, Logistics and Technology.

McDonough is joining Picatinny after serving as the Executive Officer to the Principal Deputy and the Assistant Secretary of the Army (Acquisitions, Logistics and Technology). This is his second assignment at Picatinny having served as the Product Manager Guided Precision Munitions and Mortar Systems.