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American Soldiers in Germany are testing a new fuse with a guidance system that both increases accuracy and decreases the risk that errant rounds will detonate.
Technology with the original intent of countering rockets, artillery and mortars might also be used to counter the growing threat of drones that could threaten U.S. targets.
More than 70 years ago, WW II veterans Jim Cullen, Marty Rosenbaum, Al Sussarman, Dick Moran, John Marshall, and Ken Schuetz fought in one of the most famous battles on the European front: the Battle of the Bulge.
Col. Willie Coleman (right), Project Manager Combat Ammunition Systems, passes the symbolic Excalibur sword to incoming Excalibur Product Lead Peter DeMasi, signifying the transfer of Excalibur program authority from outgoing Excalibur Product Manage...
Outgoing Product Manager Guided Precision Munitions and Mortar Systems (GP-M2S), Lt. Col. William McDonough; Project Manager Combat Ammunition Systems, Col. Willie Coleman; and incoming Product Manager GPM2S, Lt. Col. Anthony Gibbs, salute during the...
Incoming Product Manager Large Caliber Ammunition Lt. Col. Kyle McFarland accepts his organizational flag during the Large Caliber Ammunition Change of Charter ceremony June 30.
Picatinny Arsenal engineers recently won an award for the redesign of 60 mm smoke and illumination mortar packaging that both saves the Army money and allows Soldiers quicker access to the rounds during battles.
The Picatinny Sound Off is a quarterly video that highlights information about Picatinny people, products, technology, newsworthy events and facilities.
Peter DeMasi, deputy project manager for the Excalibur program, has been pretty busy recently. Under his leadership, the program executed 36 contract actions valued at $66 million, delivered more than 2,600 Excalibur projectiles to inventory valued a...
Brig. Gen. Patrick W. Burden, Picatinny Senior Commander and Deputy Program Executive Officer Ammunition, rang the morning bell at the New York Stock Exchange June 9, in celebration of the Army's 240th birthday.


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