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  Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center - Providing America Advanced Armaments For Peace and War

Special Staff

Inspector General (IG)

The Inspector General (IG) mission is to identify, evaluate, determine and report matters pertaining to performance of the ARDEC mission and the state of discipline, economic efficiency, morale, espirit de corps and readiness to the Commanding General/Director. The IG also conducts inspections to determine efficiency and effectiveness of ARDEC operations in addition to the conduct of investigations, inquiries and Inspector General Action Requests relating to mismanagement, fraud, waste and abuse of power/privileges.

Internal Review and Audit Compliance Office (IRAC)

What We Do

Internal Review is an independent, objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve the command or supported activity operations. It helps the commander accomplish mission objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control, and command oversight.


A team of highly professional evaluators who are catalysts for risk assessment and management controls; providing:

  • Innovative review services to leadership that are objective, relevant, and timely.
  • Best value while fostering an environment of continuous improvement.


We provide a full range of review services to include:

  • Formal Reviews
  • Quick Reaction Reviews
  • Consulting and Advisory Services
  • External Audit Liaison
  • Audit Compliance - Follow Up Reviews
  • Risk Assessment (Future Service)
  • Legal

    MISSION: To provide legal advice and services to the Technical Director, ARDEC; ARDEC organizations and all Picatinny-based tenant elements in all legal matters relating to business law, general law, litigation, claims, conduct, and on all legal subjects in the operation of the Armament Research Development and Engineering Center and Picatinny.

    Business Law

    MISSION: To provide legal services and advice involving the administration and execution of acquisition programs at Picatinny and the use of appropriated and non- appropriated funds thereof.

    General Law

    MISSION: To direct and accomplish the RDECOM-ARDEC legal program on all matters pertaining to general law and adversary proceedings affecting all elements at Picatinny involving litigation and claims by or against the government, ethics, environmental law, personnel and labor law, criminal law, Freedom of Information (FOIA) and Privacy Act law, and legal assistance to the military and their dependants.

    Intellectual Property Law

    MISSION: To direct and accomplish the patent and intellectual property (IP) program, including advise on all matters involving inventions, patents, trademarks and copyrights including data and related legal activities involving licensing, technology transfer and defending against claims regarding IP rights.

    Small Business Office (SB)


    The mission of the ARDEC Small Business Office is to ensure that a fair portion of contract awards is placed with small business enterprises. The office also serves as an advocate for all socioeconomic programs mandated by the Small Business Act and the Federal Acquisition Regulation.

    Doing Business With Us

    Picatinny works extensively with business and universities to bring the worlds best war fighting technologies to our soldiers. Please visit the Picatinny Procurement Network (PROCNET) to learn about doing business with us. To learn more about doing business with the Department of Defense (DOD), United States Army, and the U.S. Army Materiel Command (AMC) visit the links below.

    Department of Defense
    U.S Army

    Office of Administrative Operations (OA)

    The Office of Administrative Operations consists of four components: the Picatinny Public Affairs Office, Picatinny Protocol Office, ARDEC Historical Office and the ARDEC Administrative Office.

    • The Picatinny Public Affairs Office handles media inquiries, community relations and command information. The Voice, the installation newspaper, is published bi-weekly.
    • The Picatinny Protocol Office oversees the reception of distinguished military and civilian visitors, ceremonies and conference management.
    • The ARDEC Historical Office is the repository for archival information and artifacts from Picatinny's rich past.
    • The ARDEC Administrative Office provides support to the ARDEC Command Group.

    Provost Marshall (PM)

    Mission:  To consistently deliver the highest level of professional law enforcement services to our community, while assisting in preserving peace and preventing criminal activity through fair, impartial and effective enforcement of the laws of the United States.

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