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Product Gator Landmine Replacement (GLMR)



The Spider Networked Munition is a hand-emplaced, remotely controlled, Man-In-The-Loop antipersonnel munition system. Spider provides equivalent munition field effectiveness when compared to capabilities provided by antipersonnel landmines, but does so without the residual life threatening risks after hostilities end or when warring factions depart. The fielding of this system, with its sensors, communications, and munitions, changes the way the soldiers operate in an otherwise unpredictable battlefield.

Each munition is controlled by a remotely stationed soldier who monitors its sensors, allowing for more precise (non-lethal to lethal) responses – a significant advancement and advantage. The system’s design allows for safe and rapid deployment, reinforcement, and recovery as well as safe passage of friendly forces. Spider eliminates the possibility of an unintended detonation through early warning and selective engagement of enemy forces. Spider is designed for storage, transport, rough handling, and use in worldwide military environments.