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Blasting Caps (Electric and Non-Electric)

M6 Blasting Caps

DODIC M131, NSN 1375-01-315-1335, Cap, Blasting, Non-Electric, M7 Assembly consists of an aluminum alloy cup containing an ignition charge of lead styphnate, an intermediate charge of lead azide and a base charge of RDX. It is used to detonate all military explosives. When initiated by time-blasting fuse, primer or detonating cord, the ignition charge detonates the intermediate charge which detonates the base charge, which initiates the explosive charge.

DODIC M130, NSN 1375-01-316-1229, Cap, Blasting, Electric, M6 Assembly also has an aluminum alloy cup containing an ignition charge but the charge consists of smokeless powder, potassium chlorate and lead salt of dinitro, ortho cresol and a base charge of RDX. Two 12-foot lead wires, connected by a bridge wire in the ignition charge, extend through a rubber (or rubber and sulfur) plug assembly in the open end of the cup. Two circumferential crimps secure the plug assembly in the cup. The M6 Electric Blasting Cap is used to initiate high explosives with a blasting machine or other suitable source of electric power to detonate all standard military explosives.