"> Remote Activation Munition System (RAMS)

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Remote Activation Munition System (RAMS)

RAMS is a secure, radio-controlled system designed to remotely control demolition charges. RAMS gives the user the capability to destroy, delay and disrupt an enemy while avoiding direct contact. It consists of a transmitter and two types of receivers, an electric output to initiate blasting caps and an explosive output to initiate C4 or other items directly. Prior to engagement, operators can perform a full power range data link test to make sure all signals are active through an automatic self-test that is built into the transmitter and receivers. RAMS is lightweight, just over three pounds for the transmitter and receiver, and has a system range of more than five kilometers.

The M152 RAMS is produced for special operations forces. The Marines Corps and Army Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) use the MK152 version.