New Change 411 application available


By Wayne Lunger

A new WEB application, called change411, is now available which allows users to update their 411 information. We are asking each of you to try it and ensure that your information is current.

One important change you will notice is that there are now two office symbols listed in the program. These are the "master" and "working" organizations.

• For most government employees these fields will have the same office symbol. For government workers on detail the master organization is the symbol of the organization you are detailed FROM, and the working organization is the symbol of the organization you are detailed TO.

• For contractors the Master organization should have the abbreviation for your company. The abbreviations all start with "contr." The working organization is the office symbol of the government organization for which you are performing work.

All contractor and government personnel please make sure your information is current. Update accordingly. For more information or questions, contact Brian Smith, Team Coordinator, Mission & Personnel Systems Team, CITD, (

Check out the new web application at the following site:

You should be able to see the effect of your changes almost immediately by using web411 at http://cs3/411/Web411.asp.