Post manLetters to The Editor

Thanks to all who entered Picatinny's Earth Day Poster Contest

Dear Voice,

Picatinny's Earth Day Committee and Picatinny Arsenal would like to thank all the children who participated in the Earth Day Kids' Poster contest and for making Earth Day so special this year.

The following are the names of the children we would like to thank for entering their posters.

Their names in alphabetical order are: Ben Armstrong, Alicia Arnold, Christopher Caraballo, Elbin Caraballo, Brooke Carty, Bria Diggs, Fiona Fong, Mitchell Franey, Sarah Frankovic, Alejandra Garcia, Juliana Garcia, Kayley Glew, Logan Gray, Brian Grealy, Sean Grealy, T. J. Grealy, Jasmine Henderson, Sarah Houtsma, Christopher Johnson, Lauren Kerwien, Elizabeth Keuch, Catie Kunkel, Lexie Kunkel, Chad Larcom, Erin Larcom, Ian Larcom, Megan Larcom, Joshua Loomis, Stephen Morgante, Sean Mullin, Jessica Nguyen, Jennifer Noe, Justin Noe, Taylor Nulk, Mathew Pergolizzi, Ryan Pergolizzi, Christina Pinto, Jennifer Redington, Sam Richeal, Delaney Sandberg, Paige Saucyn, Stephanie Talmadge, Anita Taylor, Sierra Tordillos, Samantha Trumper, Michael Ucci, Michelle Ucci, Breanna Valdez, Kodi Valdez, Taylor Van Noordt, Kristin Van Solkema, Kody Wade, Asriel Walker, Colin Winkler, Shane Winkler, Kevin Zoll, Tim Zoll.

Thank you all for an excellent job.

Jeanne Rosen
Environmental Affairs Office