Technical Director reveals new ARDEC Vision Statement


Technical Director Michael Devine

"Providing America Advanced Armaments for Peace and War"

By Myra Hess

      In an electronic message to the workforce, TACOM-ARDEC Technical Director Michael Devine revealed the new ARDEC Vision Statement and explained the need for the new statement.

      He referred to the transformation of the Army, the formation of the centralized installation management office and the formation of an RDE Command, a major subordinate command within AMC.  ARDEC will become part of the RDECOM in June 2003.  (See related article in this issue.)

      “The ARDEC Board of Directors has considered this environment of change and examined our long standing Vision Statement: "Providing Overwhelming Firepower for Decisive Victory," Devine wrote.

       “This Vision Statement has endured for some time and served us well,” he said. “However, with the move to lighter, lethal systems for rapid deployment and rapid victory, the massive scale of lethal engagements implied by the prior vision is less relevant. Further, our products will advance beyond traditional firepower to non-lethal, directed energy and other non-traditional lethality mechanisms, and delivery of small quantities of specialized items directly to the field. Our mission has broadened to include Homeland Security and greater emphasis on Special Operations.

      “Therefore, the BOD and the Commander have approved our new Vision Statement: "Providing America Advanced Armaments for Peace and War."

      Because we seek to be provider to all DOD Services as well as domestic Homeland Security, I believe it is appropriate to use America and highlight that we are supporting peace as well as war,” Devine continued. 

      "Advanced armaments" captures the fact that our products will move to broaden our mission greatly beyond what is traditionally meant by "firepower."

      “I ask that you think about the new Vision and how it relates to your activities. Be a part of making achievement of the Vision a reality!” Devine concluded.