Mission Statement

To effectively manage Directorate of Emergency Services (DES) operations to ensure the delivery of professional and efficient law enforcement, security, force protection, fire and emergency services, to the Soldiers, civilians, residents, and visitors of Picatinny Arsenal.


Make substantive and visible improvements to quality of life programs and infrastructure, and to have the Garrison viewed by Team Picatinny as a proactive, responsive and customer-friendly organization working hard in their interest to provide a safe and productive work environment.


Personal Courage

 The DES Vision

We are an organization that provides Police, Fire & Emergency, and Security services to a military community as well as mutual aid to surrounding  communities.

The DES Vision establishes purpose and direction for what we want to achieve as an organization. 

It is built upon a foundation that sees utilizing leadership and teamwork as the keys for us to achieve organizational excellence.

The way to accomplish our goals are by:

- Focusing on the needs of people inside and outside our own organization.

- Utilizing effective management skills in managing our human, financial, and logistical resources.

- And understanding that as a customer service organization, we will provide exceptional service to all those we have the
opportunity to serve.