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Picatinny is a pre-eminent national and international leader in the research, development, engineering and production support for advanced weapons systems. Large numbers of new weapons, munitions and auxiliary equipment have been produced and fielded by the engineers and scientists of Picatinny, providing U.S. forces with state-of-the-art capabilities for increased effectiveness on the battlefield.

The expertise and experience resident at Picatinny are at the leading edge of Army transformation, with personnel continually striving to produce armaments that will make this Army more mobile, agile, lethal and sustainable while reducing the logistics footprint. Picatinny has a history of responding to new and, at times, unexpected challenges created as a result of the globalization of our political, economic and military responsibilities. The men and women of Picatinny have risen to the occasion time and time again by creating the weapons and ammunition that will ensure U.S. battlefield superiority and safety for our soldiers both at home and abroad.

All branches of our armed services, including infantry, artillery, armor, aircraft and engineers, have benefited from what Picatinny has created. From greatly increased lethality of guns, rockets, missiles and mines to greater effectiveness against a broad array of targets at greater ranges and increased accuracy and rapidity of response. Picatinny has been a driving force in our ability to meet the challenging and diversified threats that have tested our mettle before and will do so again.

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Smart Munitions Conventional Munitions
Mortar Systems Weapon Aiming and Fire Control
Warheads Explosives
Gun Propellants Small Caliber and Infantry Weapons
Medium Caliber Weapons Aircraft Armaments
Combat Vehicle Armaments Tank Munitions Development
Countermines Antipersonnel Landmine Alternatives
Non-Lethal Capabilities Demolitions
Fuzes Advanced Energy Weapons Systems
Logistics Research and Development Environmental Program
Artillery Systems Pyrotechnics