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Material science, manufacturing processes, virtual reality and simulation, image processing, and non-destructive testing are just a few of the capabilities available to the private sector at Picatinny Arsenal.

Patent License Agreement (PLA)

A PLA is an agreement by which ARDEC may grant a party a non-exclusive, partially exclusive, or exclusive license to any existing ARDEC owned inventions. The terms and conditions included in the sample PLA are typical, but are usually negotiated on a case by case basis.

A PLA is governed by Army Regulations 70-57 and 27-60, and may be entered into by the ARDEC Technical Director. A PLA is granted only if the applicant has supplied the laboratory with a satisfactory plan for development or marketing of the invention, and with information about the applicant's capability to fulfill the plan. A PLA may be granted for all or less than all, fields of use or in specified geographical areas, or both. The license may extend to subsidiaries of the licensee and may provide the licensee the right to grant sub-licenses under the license.

  • Sample Patent License Agreement PDF

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