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Material science, manufacturing processes, virtual reality and simulation, image processing, and non-destructive testing are just a few of the capabilities available to the private sector at Picatinny Arsenal.

Patents Available for Licensing

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Patent No.DescriptionIssuance Date
10,066,892 Modular automated mortar weapon for mobile applications09/04/2018
10,066,915 Multi-purpose state changing munition09/04/2018
10,059,637 Pyrophoric foam materials and methods of making the same08/28/2018
10,030,952 Thermally deployable shroud for affordable precision guided projectile 07/24/2018
10,031,119 Package and kit for explosive detection 07/24/2018
10024641 Hand grenade with an explosive train initiation indicator07/17/2018
9,946,159 Lithographic fragmentation technology 04/17/2018
9,938,203 Pyrotechnic compositions comprising nanostructured crystalline boron phosphide and oxidizer 04/10/2018
9,939,222 Multi-layered mortar tube 04/10/2018
9,939,239 Stackable collaborative engagement munition 04/10/2018
9,940,419 Post design integrated circuit manufacturing obfuscation 04/10/2018
D815,235 Magazine loader assembly 04/10/2018
9,909,847 Disposable, miniature internal optical ignition source03/06/2018
9,897,425 Painted shear liner/density gradient liner02/20/2018
9900988 Protective layering process for circuit board EMI sheilding and thermal management02/20/2018
9,856,181 Perchlorate-free red pyrotechnic illuminant compositions 01/02/2018
9,856,328 Methods for modifying nitrocellulose having lyophobic properties 01/02/2018
9,860,992 Protective layering process for circuit boards01/02/2018
9,850,180 Method for manufacture of amorphous energetics12/26/2017
9,850,181 Single-step production method for nano-sized energetic cocrystals by bead milling and products thereof 12/26/2017
9,846,017 High pressure obturators and method of making 12/19/2017
9,828,303 High brisance metal powder explosive 11/28/2017
9,828,304 Composites of porous pyrophoric iron and ceramic and methods for preparation thereof11/28/2017
9,829,289 Disposable, miniature internal optical ignition source 11/28/2017
9,829,373 Apparatus and method for improving detection precision in laser vibrometric studies 11/28/2017
9,830,408 System and method for evaluating the performance of a weapon system 11/28/2017
9,790,137 Nanoscale cocrystalline explosives 10/17/2017
9790093 High-yield synthesis of nanostructured boron phosphide by a pyrotechnic method10/17/2017
9,752,857 Electric detonator with milled and unmilled DBX-109/05/2017
9,746,295 40 mm extended range high performance projectile with rocket and guidance navigation control capability and decoupling device08/29/2017
9,746,300 Voltage induced porosity in insensitive munition08/29/2017
9731284 Process for oxidation of amines in the synthesis of energetic materials08/15/2017
9,701,592 Single-step production method for nano-sized energetic cocrystals by bead milling and products thereof07/11/2017
9,702,649 Reciprocally-cycled weapon07/11/2017
9,702,650 Weapon blast attenuation07/11/2017
9,702,673 Projectile tail boom with self-locking fin 07/11/2017
9,702,678 Armor piercing incendiary projectile07/11/2017
9689648 Large caliber frangible projectile 06/27/2017
9689649 Obturator for 105MM projectile 06/27/2017
9682895 Bead milled spray dried nano-explosives 06/20/2017
9677863 Long rod penetrator concept for small caliber munitions 06/13/2017
D786,722 Explosive detection package 05/16/2017
9643937 One-pot process for preparation of ammonium and hydroxyl ammonium derivatives of bis 5,5'-tetrazole-1,1'-dihydroxide 05/09/2017
9644925 Explosive device for breaching doors and walls 05/09/2017
D786,131 Vehicle gunner protection turret 05/09/2017
9638483 Ammunition magazine for reciprocally-cycled weapon 05/02/2017
9638500 Fragmentation warhead with flexible liner 05/02/2017
9638503 Dual safety fuze for grenade 05/02/2017
9625242 Igniter for modular artillery charge system 04/18/2017
9617696 Lightweight universal gap crossing device and method of use 04/11/2017
9618284 Motor control for externally-operated weapon04/11/2017
9618293 Munitions storage container with disabling device for single-use weapon stored therein04/11/2017
9618307 Disposable, miniature internal optical ignition source for ammunition application 04/11/2017
9620665 Method for improved growth of two-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenides04/11/2017
9599994 Collisionless flying of unmanned aerial vehicles that maximizes coverage of predetermined region 03/21/2017
D781,746 Overhead gunner protection kit 03/21/2017
9593913 Digital positioning system and associated method for optically and automatically stabilizing and realigning a portable weapon through and after a firing shock 03/14/2017
9593921 Large caliber frangible projectile03/14/2017
9593923 Selectable lethality yield inflatable grenade 03/14/2017
9575046 Explosive detection compositions and kit02/21/2017
9546840 Bi-directional recoil containment and double strike prevention system 01/17/2017
9546852 Large caliber frangible projectile 01/17/2017
9546856 Press load process for warhead01/17/2017
9528801 Low collateral damage tunable directional-lethality explosive fragmentation ammunition12/27/2016
9528802 Indirect fire munition non-lethal cargo carrier mortar12/27/2016
9528809 Bridgewire shunt setback switch 12/27/2016
9500454 Mortar projectile with guided deceleration system for delivering a payload 11/22/2016
9500457 Non-pyrotechnic, low observable tracer 11/22/2016
D770,887 Retention clip 11/08/2016
9470476 Mortar retention system for automated weapons 10/18/2016
9470491 Frangible tail boom for projectile10/18/2016
9470498 High pressure isolated latching safety switch device10/18/2016
9471543 Method and associated algorithm and firmware for extracting magnetometer signals from noise utilizing digital signal processing (DSP)10/18/2016
9440934 Synthesis of copper(I) 5-nitrotetrazolate 09/13/2016
9440936 Synthesis of 3,4-Bis(4-nitro-1,2,5-oxadizaol-3-yl)-1,2,5-oxadizaole-N-oxide (DNTF) using 3-chlorocarbohydroxymoyl-4-nitro-1,2,5-oxadizaole 09/13/2016
9441894 Bleeding mechanism for use in a propulsion system of a recoilless, insensitive munition 09/13/2016
9441928 Method for discriminating between military operations in urban terrain (MOUT) targets 09/13/2016
9435602 Active recoil control system 09/06/2016
9409830 Non-toxic primer mix 08/09/2016
9410779 Breakaway fin ring for projectile 08/09/2016
9410781 Fin-stabilized, muzzle-loaded mortar projectile with sabot 08/09/2016
9410783 Universal smart fuze for unmanned aerial vehicle or other remote armament systems 08/09/2016
D760858 Buttstock 07/05/2016
9347727 Automatic weapon suppressor 05/24/2016
9347728 Secure disrupter unit for explosive ordnance disposal operations 05/24/2016
9347753 Non-pyrotechnic, low observable tracer 05/24/2016
9335230 Pressure sensing method and apparatus for gun-launched projectile 05/10/2016
9329008 Low collateral damage kinetic energy projectile 05/03/2016
9329010 Water-lined munition container 05/03/2016
9317477 Method for transferring 16-bit data through 8-bit devices 04/19/2016
D754276 Ammunition rack 04/19/2016
9310321 System and method for conducting electromagnetic resonant cavity inspection of gun barrels 04/12/2016
9296241 Ink jet printing and patterning of explosive materials 03/29/2016
9296663 Method to preserve the non-detonable nature of can fertilizer 03/29/2016
D751947 Vehicle mounted gunner protective enclosure 03/22/2016
9273942 Disposable, miniature internal optical ignition source for ammunition application 03/01/2016
9254588 Protective layering process for circuit boards 02/09/2016
9255040 Boron carbide pyrotechnic time delay 02/09/2016
9255776 Muzzle velocity sensor for smart ammunition 02/09/2016
9255777 Grenade fuze and detonator with flying disc 02/09/2016
D749183 Breech plug for disrupter unit 02/09/2016
9249759 Nozzled mortar ignition system for improved performance 02/02/2016
9250040 Infrared light means for remotely controlling devices on a rotating weapon assembly, without physical contact 02/02/2016
9211586 Non-faceted nanoparticle reinforced metal matrix composite and method of manufacturing the same 12/15/2015
9212102 Spray drying of metallized explosive 12/15/2015
9212876 Large caliber frangible projectile 12/15/2015
9193637 Magnesium/alkyl polysulfide white star illuminants 11/24/2015
9193638 Condensed phase energetic time delay compositions 11/24/2015
9194664 Main gun shield for battle tank 11/24/2015
9194675 Training (reuseable), and tactical (guidance adaptable), 40 mm projectile 11/24/2015
D743169 Container with offset handle 11/17/2015
9175914 Remote weapons charging handle adapter 11/03/2015
9157705 Projector for defeating buried mines 10/13/2015
9157708 Electric and magnetic field hardened igniter for electrically fired ammunition 10/13/2015
9157716 Shot start ring for projectile 10/13/2015
9150431 Fluorophthalocyanine photodynamic water sterilization 10/06/2015
9140339 Rotational assist drive mechanism 09/22/2015
9140504 Performance testing apparatus for microclimate cooling unit 09/22/2015
9140507 Obturator seal apparatus and method 09/22/2015
9140522 Compositionally graded transparent ceramic armor 09/22/2015
9133072 Tactical capsule charge system 09/15/2015
D738416 Spotting telescope alignment lock 09/08/2015
9121679 Limited range projectile 09/01/2015
9115968 Course self-correcting projectile 08/25/2015
9116348 Laser mapping tool and weapon replacement fixture 08/25/2015
9102204 Hitch-mounted mortar munition system 08/11/2015
9073800 Insensitive high energy crystaline explosives 07/07/2015
9074856 Gun-launched anchor projectile for climbing 07/07/2015
9032878 Obscurant generating, ground-based, networked munition 05/19/2015
9021957 Gun-launched non-lethal projectile with solid propellant rocket motor 05/05/2015
9021960 Isolated coaxial high-pressure feed-through fitting 05/05/2015
9021961 Enhanced stability extended range (guidance adaptable) 40 mm projectile 05/05/2015
9024238 Ground surface reconnaissance projectile 05/05/2015
9010248 40 mm gun sleeve cartridge case for M320 grenade launcher ammunition 04/21/2015
9010250 Fuze pull pin detent device 04/21/2015
8984794 Trigger guard roll pin tool 03/24/2015
8985025 Submunition and cluster munition containing submunitions 03/24/2015
8978560 Shock mitigation barrier for warheads 03/17/2015
8950332 Expanding non-lethal munition 02/10/2015
8950334 Pre-deformed obturator for tube-launched projectile 02/10/2015
8943942 Anti-fratricide responsive ordnance system 02/03/2015
8943972 Liner release mechanism for anti-armor munitions 02/03/2015
8943974 Wall breaching fragmentation projectile 02/03/2015
8942851 Talon robot integrated accessory device 01/27/2015
8936689 Insensitive explosives and process therefore 01/20/2015
8935035 Advanced optimization framework for air-ground persistent surveillance using unmanned vehicles 01/13/2015
8919257 155 mm XM1126 testing/training projectile 12/30/2014
8910515 Instrumented magnetic projectile 12/16/2014
8911575 Moldable explosives formulated with chlorinated waxes and oils 12/16/2014
8887640 Electro-mechanical fuze for hand grenades 11/18/2014
8887641 40 mm low drag extended range projectile 11/18/2014
8891444 Distributed geospatial communications system 11/18/2014
D715887 Barrel mounted dual bracket 10/21/2014
8857308 Cannon breechblock insert assembly 10/14/2014
8857341 Flying primer for hand grenade fuze 10/14/2014
8850885 Water air-bubble fragment recovery test apparatus 10/07/2014
8844444 Reusable test projectile 09/30/2014
8848046 Kinetic energy absorber and method for gun-launched projectile 09/30/2014
8833223 Multi-petal projectile adapter for a dearmer 09/16/2014
8834311 Concentric electric servomotor/gearbox drive 09/16/2014
8826794 Breech mechanism sliding contact assembly 09/09/2014
8813629 Positional lock for carrier assembly of breech-loaded weapon 08/26/2014
8813651 Method of making shaped charges and explosively formed projectiles 08/26/2014
8818746 Crack detection in thick-walled cylinders 08/26/2014
8800421 Positive locking mechanism for rotating helicopter mount 08/12/2014
8789469 Grenade pull pin assembly 07/29/2014
8783154 Seebeck active cooling device for caliber weapons 07/22/2014
8752472 Recoil reduction apparatus and method for weapon 06/17/2014
8735789 Extendable stabilizer for projectile 05/27/2014
8738330 Scalable, inert munition data recorder and method to characterize performance of a weapon system 05/27/2014
8720342 Low collateral damage fragmentation warhead 05/13/2014
8722418 Thermal indicating composition 05/13/2014
8707764 Assembly and method for standardized insensitive munitions testing 04/29/2014
8707849 Modular mortar baseplate 04/29/2014
8701877 Container for storing devices with energetic material 04/22/2014
8695507 Composite sabot 04/15/2014
8696838 Foamed celluloid process using expandable beads 04/15/2014
8689668 Automatic crimping tool 04/08/2014
8693183 Adapter for ruggedized personal data assistant 04/08/2014
8686576 System and method for harvesting electrical energy by linear induction 04/01/2014
8678655 Reinforced slewing bearing 03/25/2014
8661962 Bipod-mounted mortar fire control system03/04/2014
8663450 Guide bore electrical machining methods03/04/2014
8640620 Non-inertial safe and arm device02/04/2014
8640624 Low collateral damage air defense projectile02/04/2014
8640625 Kinetic energy training projectile02/04/2014
8636861 High explosive fills for MEMS devices01/28/2014
8627771 Selectable fragment size fragmentation warhead01/14/2014
8623156 Pyrophoric materials and methods of making same01/07/2014
8617328 Foamed celluloid mortar propellant increment containers12/31/2013
8607683 Active ammunition magazine12/17/2013
8607702 Low energy ignition system for large and medium caliber ammunition12/17/2013
8608879 Environmentally friendly flare illuminant composition12/17/2013
D695871 Disruptor12/17/2013
8597444 Foamed celluloid combustible material12/03/2013
8594147 Monolithic diode pumped solid-state laser for high shock environments11/26/2013
D693897 Small arms transmitter mounting bracket for a multiple integrated laser engagement system11/19/2013
8572815 Universal tie down assembly11/05/2013
8572884 Surrogate lower receiver11/05/2013
8573056 Guided Projectile with motion restricting piezoelectric actuator11/05/2013
8573107 Burster tube loading apparatus and method11/05/2013
8573123 Flexible detonator integrated with directly written energetics11/05/2013
8567107 Gun Chamber cleaning brush with container10/29/2013
8567300 Time-delayed gun bore evacuator10/29/2013
8569670 Pressure activated inertially locking base for projectiles10/29/2013
8561540 Rotating thumb safety fuze for a hand grenade and related methods of operation and assembly10/22/2013
8550004 Riveted cartridge venting10/08/2013
8551268 Electric primer10/08/2013
8522685 Multiple size fragment warhead09/03/2013
8525090 Pneumatically actuated control surface for airframe body09/03/2013
8511145 Explosive event discrimination08/20/2013
8505797 Sound-suppressed, powder-actuated stud driver08/13/2013
D687699 Wire guide08/13/2013
8492541 Synthesis of azido heterocycles07/23/2013
8480825 Remediation of fluorine and chlorine by-products in energetic formulations07/09/2013
8466317 Preparation of insensitive bis(2,2,-dinitropropyl) nitramine (BDNPN)06/18/2013
8458946 Bipod adapter for firearm06/11/2013
8459911 Cargo locking mechanisms and structures06/11/2013
8453573 Primer adapter for hand grenade fuze06/04/2013
8448574 Ultra-miniature electro-mechanical safety and arming device05/28/2013
8448760 Progressively dampened hydraulic buffer system05/28/2013
8434394 Apparatus for adapting a rocket-assisted projectile from a smooth bore tube05/07/2013
8434395 Protective ballistic shield 05/07/2013
8433460 Onboard sensor suite for determining projectile velocity04/30/2013
8424440 Low blast overpressure muzzle brake04/23/2013
8418389 Recoil reduction apparatus and method for weapon04/16/2013
8418622 Shaped charge jet disruptor04/16/2013
8415598 Extendable fins for a tube-launched projectile04/09/2013
8402877 Protective Ballistic Shield03/26/2013
8381651 Rotational variable pyrotechnic delay selector for munitions02/26/2013
8381656 Mechanical cartridge and grenade venting02/26/2013
8381657 Enhanced grenade02/26/2013
8371059 Aiming post light02/12/2013
8371206 Wedge-type breechblock bidirectional make-break assembly02/12/2013
8365666 Modular breaching and demolition system02/05/2013
8356437 Firing pin position indicator for gun01/22/2013
8357000 Fluid-isolating, self-aligning make-break electrical connection01/22/2013
8336441 Rotatable gun mount12/25/2012
8336442 Automatically-reloadable, remotely-operated weapon system having an externally-powered firearm12/25/2012
8336459 Flare adapter and conversion kit for shotgun12/25/2012
8331195 Computer implemented sensor data analysis12/11/2012
D672518 Bore swabbing tool12/11/2012
8322264 Controlled plastic venting for low-recoil gun systems12/04/2012
8326461 Auxiliary communication system for radio controlled robots12/04/2012
8326585 Computational fluid dynamics shock wave identification12/04/2012
8316770 Munition having payload of high-density spheroids11/27/2012
8316772 Wall breaching fragmentation warhead11/27/2012
8317978 Nitriding of carbon nanotubes11/27/2012
8296989 Adapter extension for rifle fired muzzle mounted grenades10/30/2012
8297167 Reciprocally-cycled, externally-actuated weapon10/30/2012
8297174 Apparatus and method for gun recoil mitigation10/30/2012
8282749 Green light emitting pyrotechnic compositions10/09/2012
8276283 Reticle etched within optical lens10/02/2012
8276495 Modular explosive ordnance disposal system10/02/2012
8276501 Recoil dissipation apparatus10/02/2012
8276515 Ultra-miniature electro-mechanical safety and arming device10/02/2012
8276520 Adaptive fragmentation mechanism to enhance lethality10/02/2012
8276795 Modular ammunition restraint system for ambush protected vehicles10/02/2012
8277141 Ball and socket joint for indirect fire weapon10/02/2012
8277585 Electric primer10/02/2012
8272307 Apparatus and method for retaining screw breech block09/25/2012
8272308 Single-action feed disengage mechanism for weapon09/25/2012
8272314 Delayed gas-operated firearm09/25/2012
8272328 Method of converting bomblet to hand grenade09/25/2012
8272329 Selectable lethality warhead patterned hole fragmentation insert sleeves09/25/2012
8272330 Selectable size fragmentation warhead09/25/2012
8250987 Frangible kinetic energy projectile for air defense08/28/2012
8252370 Continuous high-speed coating of finely ground particulates08/28/2012
8253085 Fin deployment apparatus for projectile08/28/2012
8253932 Laser and corner cube refractive-index structure parameter system08/28/2012
8237521 Triaxial MEMS acceleration switch08/07/2012
8228591 Handheld optics detection system07/24/2012
8220395 Method of converting bomblet to gun-launched grenade07/17/2012
8215224 Variable recoil brake for munition07/10/2012
8215225 Large caliber autoloader07/10/2012
8216404 Process for crystalline explosives containing halogenated wax binders07/10/2012
8218597 Diode pumped solid-state laser for high shock environments07/10/2012
8186090 Adjustable buttstock assembly05/29/2012
8176849 Warhead comprised of encapsulated green fragments of varied size and shape05/15/2012
D659220 Rail sight mount05/08/2012
8168016 High-blast explosive compositions containing particulate metal05/01/2012
8161863 Recoil-actuated gun scavenger04/24/2012
8161883 Flash-bang grenade with greater flash intensity04/24/2012
8161884 System and method for explosively stamping a selective fragmentation pattern04/24/2012
8151709 Anti-setback spin clip application04/10/2012
8153786 Synthesis of azido heterocycles04/10/2012
8141286 Cheek rest for firearm03/27/2012
8141469 Quick-release spindle for gun tube 03/27/2012
8133993 Hydrogenolytic denitration of polynitro compounds: pentanitrohexaazaisowurtzitane03/13/2012
8113045 Means for improving inertial measurement unit reliability for cannon launched applications02/14/2012
8115149 Gun launched hybrid projectile02/14/2012
8109213 Multipurpose target breaching warhead02/07/2012
8091478 System and method for electronically discriminating a target01/10/2012
8079154 Apparatus and method for measuring curvature of tubes 12/20/2011
8079459 Transport apparatus 12/20/2011
8069606 Firearm selector removal and installation tool12/06/2011
8072609 Enhanced sensitivity vibrometer12/06/2011
8061275 Warhead selectively releasing fragments of varied sizes and shapes11/22/2011
8063348 Dual color retro-reflection sensing device11/22/2011
8033207 Electrically actuated weapon system10/11/2011
8028826 Storage system for 25mm IM cartridges10/04/2011
8025003 Fluted firearm barrel09/27/2011
8025011 Stun grenade 09/27/2011
8006423 Magazine follower for a magazine used by a firearm08/30/2011
8006606 Folding protective shields 08/30/2011
8002956 Plating stand-off 08/23/2011
7988381 Disabling apparatus for road vehicles 08/02/2011
D642235 Housing for flash-bang grenade07/26/2011
7980158 Polyurethane press tooling components07/19/2011
7980178 Environmentally friendly percussion primer07/19/2011
7981225 Lead free detonator and composition07/19/2011
7976654 High explosive fills for very small volume applications07/12/2011
7967929 Methods for making and using high explosive fills for MEMS devices06/28/2011
7963202 Superalloy mortar tube 06/21/2011
7964045 Method for producing and using high explosive material06/21/2011
7955452 Process for crystalline explosives containing halogenated wax binders06/07/2011
7942090 Enhanced operating life blank fire attachment for gas-operated weapons05/17/2011
7942092 Blast shield for armored vehicle 05/17/2011
D638088 Adaptor for rifle fired bullet trap grenades05/17/2011
7913626 Kinetic energy absorber03/29/2011
7896989 Cross-sectional functionally graded propellants and method of manufacture03/01/2011
7886667 More safe insensitive munition for producing a controlled fragmentation pattern02/15/2011
7878120 Ammunition data link02/01/2011
7861636 Muzzle flash suppressor 01/04/2011
7861639 Artillery projectile extractor01/04/2011
7862668 Single-base propellant composition using BuNena as energetic plasticizer01/04/2011
7856729 Bore elevation and azimuth measuring apparatus and method 12/28/2010
7860614 Trainer for robotic vehicle12/28/2010
7849798 Air-powered electro-mechanical fuze for submunition grenades 12/14/2010
7845264 Automatic primer feed mechanism 12/07/2010
7818986 Multiple autofrettage10/26/2010
7815255 Seat for combat vehicle 10/19/2010
D624150 Artillery projectile extractor09/21/2010
D623717 Cheek rest for firearm09/14/2010
7779740 Revolving firing pin assembly08/24/2010
7780026 Band-free container packaging 08/24/2010
D622182 Objective gunner protection kit08/24/2010
D620067 Firearm buttstock07/20/2010
7752952 Dynamic barrier system07/13/2010
7752954 Electromagnetic gun launcher07/13/2010
7752972 Low reaction rate, high blast shaped charge waveshaper07/13/2010
7752975 Insensitive munitions barrier07/13/2010
7756185 Hardened pump laser and method of making the same07/13/2010
D619044 Gunner enclosure with overhead cover07/06/2010
7735408 Mortar tube with cooling fin 06/15/2010
7735423 High visibility ordnance06/15/2010
7716863 Self powering prognostic gun tag05/18/2010
7717023 Improvised explosive device detection/destruction/disablement 05/18/2010
7712417 Axial modular propulsion charge design for semi-fixed ammunition05/11/2010
7712419 Hand grenade fuze 05/11/2010
7698983 Reconfigurable fire control apparatus and method04/20/2010
7694620 Machine gun magazine support 04/13/2010
D613814 Demolition projectile04/13/2010
7665218 Azimuth measuring apparatus and method02/23/2010
D610038 Gunner protection enclosure with overhead cover02/16/2010
D609770 Rail mounting apparatus02/09/2010
7654458 Dual purpose munition02/02/2010
7624888 Low pressure venting munitions container12/01/2009
7600421 Instrumented ballistic test projectile10/13/2009
7600461 Muzzle brake for cannon 10/13/2009
7600475 Multi-mode fuze10/13/2009
7600476 Geometric/mechanical apparatus to improve well perforator performance10/13/2009
7581482 Supersonic turning vane09/01/2009
7581484 Weapon system retention device09/01/2009
7578227 Fire control mechanism for selectable fire 08/25/2009
7578238 Base bleed boat tail converter for projectile 08/25/2009
7578895 Perchlorate free flash bang compositions for pyrotechnic training rounds08/25/2009
7568433 Aerodynamically stable finless projectile08/04/2009
7549376 Non-lethal projectile carrier06/23/2009
7546804 Artillery charge with laser ignition06/16/2009
7546806 Selectable output well perforator and method for producing variable hole profiles06/16/2009
7546917 Pallet adapter and detonation barrier for ammunition06/16/2009
7543524 Machine gun mount06/09/2009
7543534 Land mine, and hand thrown, weapon which dispenses marking chemicals06/09/2009
7533483 Composite magazine for chambering ammunition in a firearm05/19/2009
7533612 Projectile height of burst determination method and system05/19/2009
7506586 Munitions energy system03/24/2009
7478495 Mechanical buffer for shouldered weapon01/20/2009
7478580 Sculpted transparent armor01/20/2009
7478594 Laser primer01/20/2009
7478595 Base mounted airburst fuze for projectile01/20/2009
7469623 Remote firing mechanism to enable firing remotely from a weapon breech12/30/2008
7458304 Mortar bomb vacuum positioning apparatus12/02/2008
7459043 Moisture-resistant black powder substitute compositions 12/02/2008
7451702 Electrically-fired multiple projectile large caliber round11/18/2008
7451703 Vented lifting plug for munition11/18/2008
7451704 Multifunctional explosive fragmentation airburst munition11/18/2008
7448835 System and method for automating pallet placement on a platform11/11/2008
7441489 Mortar bomb positioning apparatus10/28/2008
7437995 Axially compact mechanical igniter for thermal batteries and the like 10/21/2008
6988450 Anti-personnel ammunition01/24/2006
6779290 Semi permanent backup iron sight (for rifles)08/24/2004
6675693 Combat ammunition pack (applies to machine gun ammunition starter belt)01/13/2004

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