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Material science, manufacturing processes, virtual reality and simulation, image processing, and non-destructive testing are just a few of the capabilities available to the private sector at Picatinny Arsenal.

Success Stories

FEATURED STORY U.S. Army Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center Receives Excellence in Technology Transfer Award for "Coyote Unattended Ground Sensor Network"

A team from the U.S. Army Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center (ARDEC) won an Excellence in Technology Transfer Award for their commercialization of the Coyote Unattended Ground Sensor (UGS) Network. continue »

Secondary Weapon Sight Helps Soldiers continue the Mission

Picatinny Arsenal Designed Back-up Sight to Help Soldiers Stay in the Fight continue »

Excalibur Packaging Protects Sensitive Artillery Munitions

Experts design containers that safeguard the Army's newest artillery round during shipping continue »

ARDEC Engineers Improve Training Ammunition for Abrams Tank

Sale of rounds to allies helps pay for new research projects continue »

Revolutionary Weapons Prototype Updates Close Quarter Battles

Picatinny's Small Weapons Systems Divisions Makes TDI's KRISS Weapon Military-Ready continue »

Military-Industry Agreement Tests Colossal Possibilities for Miniature Batteries

Smaller, more reliable, and more rugged batteries are needed to power the next generation of weapons systems, according to U.S. Army researchers. continue »

Thermoplastic-Based Combustible Cartridge Case Improves Performance in High-Pressure Gun Systems

The U.S. Army's Research, Development and Engineering Center (ARDEC) and the Polymer Processing Institute at New Jersey Institute of Technology jointly developed a technical approach to enhance how styrene resin systems can be processed to improve performance attributes of the HMX impregnated filament wound combustible cartridge case (CCC) continue »

3-D Modeling Technology Has Medical Applications

An upward blast from an enemy's explosive device buried underground can, at a minimum, rip apart an unsuspecting Soldier's jaw. Now, medical reconstruction of the jaw, face and skull is more precise, thanks to a merger between medicine and military science. continue »

Helping Create the Army's Next-Generation Artillery System

Employees at RDECOM ARDEC Benét Laboratories and Weapon Systems and Technology Directorate have developed the primary weapon for the Army's new long range indirect fire support weapon. continue »

Improving the Army's Future Indirect Fire Capabilities

ARDEC and BAE Systems are working to produce the primary weapon for the Army's future short-to-medium-range indirect fire support. continue »

Equipping the Next Generation of Armored Vehicles

Employees at RDECOM ARDEC Benét Laboratories are working on the primary weapon assembly for the Mounted Combat System. continue »

Making Artillery Smarter

ARDEC's capabilities are unique. The organization has over three million square feet of overall facility space in more than 800 buildings, which house numerous world-class and one-of-a-kind research and development facilities, experimentation facilities used for detonation of explosive materials, and prototyping facilities to enhance the ability to get items in the hands of soldiers quicker. American ground soldiers going into combat situations ... continue »

Communications System Shows Life-Saving Promise

ARDEC Seeks to Expand Ancile Network's Early Warning Capabilities continue »

For Disabled Children

Benet Hears the call for Help continue »

X-Ray Technology

Automated Baggage Inspection continue »

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Picatinny, Home of American Firepower