Storage Building
Building Number 1510A

Building 1510A was a storage facility for the pyrotechnics laboratories, constructed in 1960 to replace two temporary storage buildings that stood in the same general location (these were labeled as 1510A and 1510B). The building consisted of two separate, mirror-image hollow-tile structures that shared a common roof. It was oriented toward Buildings 1512 and 1515 across the parking area, and a concrete walkway led from the parking area to doors that were slightly offset toward each other on the east façade of each section. Six-pane windows were set centrally in the west façade of each section. The interior of each section consisted of a single room lined with plywood shelving.

Building Information

Year Built



Concrete slab foundation, hollow tile walls, corrugated asbestos roof


One story, each section 12' x 10' with 2' gap between sections



Building No. 1510A Plan (click on the image for a separate close-up view)

  • Building 1510A Section Elevation Plan

Additional Building Photographs

Building No. 1510A
Building No. 1510A