Instrument shop
Building number 620c

The Instrument Shop was built in 1956-57.  It contained an electronic workshop, storage room, instrument calibration room, office, and boiler room.  The shop handled fabrication of instruments designed by the NARTS Instrumentation Branch and the repair, overhaul, and storage of all instruments and spare parts used for Test Area D static firing tests.  The main section of the building was 49’4” by 23’4”, constructed of concrete block.  It had an entrance door and 3 windows on the south façade, 2 windows on the east, and 4 windows on the north.  A small 10’ by 12’ L on the west side contained the boiler room.  Plans were drawn up for a small shed-roofed extension on the north side in 1963, but there is no evidence that this was built. See NARTS ca. 1959.

Building Information

Year Built



Concrete foundation and slab floor, concrete block walls, bituminous shingle roof


1 story, 49'4" x 23'4", 10' x 12'



Additional Building Photographs

  • Building No. 3611
  • Building No. 3611
  • Building No. 3611
  • Building No. 3611
  • Building No. 3611
  • Building No. 3611

Drawings (click on the image for a separate close-up view)

  • Building 3611 floor and elevation plan
  • Building 3611 detail plan