Trellis Structures

Trellis Structures 112B and 113A are located to the rear of Quarters 112 and 113. Structure 112B appears to have been constructed circa 1909, while 113A was constructed at a later date. Both of these structures are assumed to have been rebuilt between 1935 and 1939 with WPA funds.

Both Trellises’ consist of 6 pairs of tapered square wood piers. 112B’s piers are bolted onto concrete footers, while 113A’s rest directly on the ground. The tops of the piers feature simple square capitals. The piers support double-board beams that are bolted together along the length of the structure. The beams support rafters with decorative ends. Cross beams span the width of the structure and are bolted to the piers below the capitals. Two bays are open, while 3 bays are enclosed with wood lattice in a square pattern.

The Trellis Structures acted as landscape ornaments within the gardens of the Quarters’, but they also may have played a role with the nearby Root Storage and Greenhouse at Bldg 111, and its adjacent apple orchard.

Building Information

Year Built Circa 1909, rebuilt circa 1935-39
Fabric Wood piers and lattice boards
Size 50'6" x8' 3" 10" bays
Alterations None

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