Control room for D-4 and D-6
Building number 620c

This control chamber, dating to 1956, was built along with Test Stand D-6, which stood immediately to the east.  It was also connected to Test Stand D-4 stood to its immediate west.  From here, tests conducted at the flanking stands were controlled, monitored by closed-circuit TV, and recorded.  The original building was 14’ by 21’ with concrete foundation and walls, a central rear (north) door, and a central viewing port on the south side.  In 1958, as part of the conversion of Test Stand D-4 to liquid propellant testing, the control room was more than doubled in size when a 14’ north extension was built, including a small (4’) L.  The new addition had two windows on the north façade and exterior doors on the east and west.

A circa-1959 NARTS report described recording devices used for Jato testing at D-6: "Strain gage pressure and thrust pickups are used. Recording is by an Alinco four-channel strain gage amplifier feeding a recording oscillograph. Transducers in the cell feed two high-speed potentiometer chart recorders. A dead-weight tester and a Heise gage hydraulic systesm are used for calibration of the pressure cells, and a Morehouse ring for thrust calibration."

Building Information

Year Built



Reinforced concrete


1 story, 23’ x 14’


North addition 1958

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  • Building No. 3605Building No. 3605

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