Public Toilet/Storage
Building number 620c

The original date of construction for the building now designated 3615 is not known.  It was not shown in a view of Test Area D dated circa 1959 (see the tab for “Test Areas” on the main page for this Historic District).  The building was present by 1962, however, as records indicate that it was transferred to the Army from the Navy in that year.  It was front-gabled, with a concrete block foundation, stuccoed walls, and a slate roof.  There was an entry door centered on the front (south) façade, and small, square windows on each of the other three sides.  The building interior contained a sink, shower, and urinal, all against the rear (north) wall.  In 1966, the building was nearly doubled in size with construction of a north addition.  An interior connecting door was built in the center of the rear wall (the sink had to be relocated).  The addition had a centrally-placed exterior door on the north side and windows on the west and east sides.  It’s roof line was slightly below that of the original building.

Building Information

Year Built

circa 1960


Concrete block foundation, wood floor with vinyl, frame walls with stucco, slate roof with asbestons roof on addition


1 story, 14’4” x 18’5” with 14’4” x 14’ addition


North addition 1966

Additional Building Photographs

  • Building No. 3615
  • Building No. 3615

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  • Building 3615 plan