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Technical Training Aids
Technical Training Aids Image 1 Technical Training Aids Image 2 Technical Training Aids Image 3 Technical Training Aids Image 4
     The EOD Technology Directorate provides training aids to the field through ordnance recovery/acquisition, inerting, and exploitation. All technical information obtained is then processed into technical reports, handbooks, and CDs. Ordnance found in Iraq, Afghanistan, Former Yugoslavia, and identification guide to foreign weapon systems are a few examples of our technical training aids.

Hard Training Aids
Hard Training Aids Image 1 Hard Training Aids Image 1 Hard Training Aids Image 2 Hard Training Aids Image 3 Hard Training Aids Image 3 Hard Training Aids Image 3
     The EOD Technology Directorate provides training aids to the field through ordnance recovery/acquisition, inerting, and exploitation. Live ordnance is inerted by our staff or acquired inert ordnance is then processed into hard training aids. Hard training aids include full or cutaway conventional ordnance, stereolithography created ordnance, and training kits containing IED and explosive components.

Munitions Exploitation
Munitions Exploitation Image 1 Munitions Exploitation Image 2 Munitions Exploitation Image 2 Munitions Exploitation Image 2
     Comprehensive multidisciplinary evaluation of munitions items and weapon systems. X-ray, disassembly, 3D CAD modeling. Metallurgy, chemical analysis, sensitivity testing. Arena testing of fragmentation munitions. Warhead and aeroballistic modeling and simulation. Functional evaluation of fuzing. Live fire testing of weapons, rocket motors, and warheads.

66MM Hand Packable Shaped Charge
66MM Hand Packable Shaped Charge Image 1 66MM Hand Packable Shaped Charge Image 2 66MM Hand Packable Shaped Charge Image 2
     The 66mm Hand Packable Shaped Charge is an inert container housing a 66mm copper liner that produces a highly effective shaped charge to counter UXOs and IEDs. It is an easy to use counter charge, hand-packable with C4 explosives on site and uses an adapter to employ shock tube and blasting caps. This device was included in the Army Top Ten Inventions of 2006.

Disrupter Integration System
Disrupter Integration System Image 1 Disrupter Integration System Image 3 Disrupter Integration System Image 4 Disrupter Integration System Image 5
     The Disrupter Integration System provides disrupter mounting solutions for the EOD Man Transportable Robotic System (MTRS) robots. Due to the lightweight platforms being used by EOD service members, a need for a robust family of solutions was desired that could provide the functional requirements as well as mitigate the recoil forces of disrupters (when appropriate) while remaining lightweight enough to mount on the existing robot arms. The Disrupter Integration System contains mounts for the PAN, RE-70, RE-1212, and Small Caliber Dearmers.

Head-Aimed Remote Viewer (HARV)
Head-Aimed Remote Viewer (HARV) Image 1 Head-Aimed Remote Viewer (HARV) Image 2
     The HARV system consists of a head-aimed visor and 3-axis gimbal that allows the operator to control pan/tilt/roll movements of the camera simply by moving his or her head. The sense of tele-presence provided by the HARV makes the operator feel like he or she is actually on the vehicle. This makes operation of the robot much more natural and has been shown to greatly increase both the efficiency of operation and the ability to spot objects such as IEDs when operating the robot. The HARV gimbal can be outfitted with various options: cameras, sensors, illuminators, and laser designators.

Improved Battery Adapter Tray (IBAT)
 Improved Battery Adapter Tray (IBAT) Image 1  Improved Battery Adapter Tray (IBAT) Image 1
     The Improved Battery Adapter Tray replaces an unreliable, expensive, single-source Li-ion battery for the TalonĀ® robot with an adapter that can use highly reliable, inexpensive and logistically abundant rechargeable military batteries. The IBAT addresses previous battery issues that have negatively impacted mission readiness by providing a new reduced cost plug-and-play replacement robot battery option. The IBAT has been shown to increase mission readiness as a result of increased robot availability and reduce the logistic burden of using a rare, expensive, and proprietary battery.

Crosshair Laser Sight
Crosshair Laser Sight Image 1 Crosshair Laser Sight Image 2
     The Picatinny Crosshair Laser Sight produces two orthogonal lasers that provide illuminated cross-hairs on target. This device is easily mountable on all disrupters with adapters using Picatinny rail and can be mounted for both tripod- and robot-born disruption. The Crosshair Laser maintains accuracy before and after firing, making adjustments to the laser between shots unnecessary.

MDI Reeler
MDI Reeler Image 1
     The MDI Reeler is a simple tool to efficiently reel in spent MDI using a cordless powered drill. Currently EOD Technicians have to manually reel in spent MDI by hand after an EOD operation. This tool greatly helps get the job done quickly and efficiently to complete the mission and get the Warfighter out of harm's way.

Skin Pack / Demo Bar
Skin Pack / Demo Bar Image 1
     The objective of the Skin Pack / Demo Bar is to make usage of Modernized Demolition Initiators (MDI) with robotic systems easier and less prone to complications (e.g. wire entanglement). The Skin Pack is a reverse-wound version of the M23 MDI reel. The reverse-winding of the Skin Pack allows it to be carried downrange by a robot, laying out shock tube as it goes. This eliminates issues with the MDI snagging on obstructions and preventing robotic use. The Skin Pack is held within an easily gripped (by robot) Demo Bar which is equipped with both robot handle, MDI spooler, and attachment points for either C4 blocks or the 66mm Shaped Charge.

Universal Lightweight Tripod
Universal Lightweight Tripod Image 1
     A need exists for a lightweight, universal tripod that can be used with all EOD disrupters to facilitate usage and reduce aiming error. Current tripods used with EOD disrupters are big, bulky and heavy, weighing an upwards of 30 lbs. This universal tripod in development will be strong yet lightweight and will provide maximum adjustability while keeping the overall size to a minimum. This tripod has been designed to fire the PAN, Mk.40 Disrupter, JROD, and Mk.2 Dearmer as well as hold an X-Ray system.

Wide Angle Robotic Vehicle Vision System (WARVVS)
Wide Angle Robotic Vehicle Vision System (WARVVS) Image 1 Wide Angle Robotic Vehicle Vision System (WARVVS) Image 2 Wide Angle Robotic Vehicle Vision System (WARVVS) Image 4
     The WARVVS increases the effectiveness of the EOD operator due to a superior ability to visually understand the relationship of the robot and its surroundings. Knowing the surrounding environment in relation to the robot tracks has been a continuous operator concern during navigation. The WARVVS provides a solution by providing a view around the entire robot body in a single view.

Lightweight Modular Disrupter
Lightweight Modular Disrupter Image 1 Lightweight Modular Disrupter Image 2
     Combining a number of existing EOD Disruption tools into one lightweight toolkit to save space and weight for dismounted EOD missions when conditions don't allow the use of a support vehicle. The new disrupter device will be a single shot, breach-loading tool that is chambered to fire both 50 caliber blanks and 12 gauge shotgun ammunition. It must be able to fit inside a soldier's backpack and be light enough to carry (in addition to all other kits) for dismounted EOD missions.

Training Posters
Training Posters Image 1 Training Posters Image 2 Training Posters Image 3 Training Posters Image 4 Training Posters Image 5
     The Multimedia team produces training posters with the EOD Technology Directorate's vast library of ordnance. These posters are design to display a set of information tailored to customer specifications. Russian PG series, RKG-3 cutaway, and 107mm rockets in Arabic are a few examples of available posters. Posters can be developed in limited languages unless translation is provided.

Interactive Training System
Interactive Training System Image 1 Interactive Training System Image 2 Interactive Training System Image 3
     The interactive training system is a hardware/software package designed to provide more effective training by employing subject matter expertise through multimedia capabilities. Images, text, video, 3d animation and educational games are combined into one package to efficiently visually communicate Explosive Ordnance Disposal subject matter.

FOG Machine
 FOG Machine Image 1
     This device is a compact, fully self-contained fog generation machine providing obscuration from enemy surveillance during an EOD mission. This fog machine is robot transportable, runs on JP-8 and uses non-toxic food grade propylene glycol/water mixture to generate the thick white fog. Fast warm-up times produce fog in 1 minute and the device can run for of up to 1 hour on a single tank.

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